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December 20, 2012

PHLUSH is a public advocacy group formed of volunteers who work on sanitation-related issues with a passion. We would like to thank all active volunteers that continue to share important information related to PHLUSH core themes: 1) urban restroom design, 2) ecological sanitation, and 3) emergency sanitation.  Please get in touch by email and join PHLUSH on Twitter,  Facebook and LinkedIn.



Abby Brown, Water for the Ages Blog

Outreach Specialist






Molly Danielsson, MDML

Ecological Sanitation






Kyle Earlywine, Green Flush Technologies

Toilet Design Aficionado






Jeff Holiman

Science Aficionado






Mathew Lippencott, MDML

Ecological Sanitation






Charles Maclean, Philanthropy Now

Development Advisor






Carol McCreary, Steel Bridge Consulting







Susan Mund

Outreach Specialist






Poonam Sharma

Communications Advisor






Carey White, Right 2 Dream Too

Outreach Specialist



PHLUSH was founded by a core group of active citizens from Portland, Oregon’s Old Town Chinatown Community Association.  They laid the groundwork to make the organization what it is today. We thank them: Tom Carrollo, Nikki Jardin, Barb Lescher, Lan Nguyen, and Christopher Yarrow.

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    Public Hygiene Lets Us Stay Human, or PHLUSH, is an all-volunteer advocacy group based in Portland's Old Town Chinatown. We collaborate with grassroots organizations, environmental activists, planners, architects, code officials and city managers. We receive support from the Old Town Chinatown Community Association and Neighbors West-Northwest. PHLUSH is a member of the World Toilet Organization and a partner in the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance.

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