Print the Twin Bucket Leaflet

March 16, 2014
Leaflet cover

Cover of one page leaflet

This simple leaflet tells you exactly what to do to survive the first month without a toilet.  It’s very inexpensive to produce as it’s a single page photocopied on both sides in black and white.  When folded it makes a handy three-panel leaflet that people can put with their emergency hygiene supplies.

You can personalize this Word version of the Twin-Bucket-Leaflet.  Add additional information, your group’s logo or that of a sponsoring local business.  Kindly leave the small box with the acknowledgements and then put whatever you’d like on the back panel.

Of if you want to use our ready to go Twin-Bucket-Leaflet-in-pdf here it is.  Although the logos are in color, it photocopies nicely in black and white.



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