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Art and Toilets

By Phlush | January 27, 2009

Artists can engage people in the discussion about toilets and in designing them. Artists have played a major role in bringing attention to issues people are reluctant to speak about. For example, collaboration with artists, musicians, writers, designers, social entrepreneurs and members of the “creative class” have enabled PHLUSH to engage the public both in…

Restroom Design Resources

By Phlush | January 26, 2009

Resources on Restroom Design and Management We’re tracking the latest print and online resources on public restroom design and would like to hear your suggestions. Books Recently a number of architectural and social works on toilet design have appeared. Many refer more to privately-owned facilities in public places rather than publicly-owned facilities in public spaces.…

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

By Phlush | January 26, 2009

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) CPTED is a common sense approach to crime prevention that uses three main strategies. This interdisciplinary discipline helps predict behavior in the interest of preventing crime has generated a rich body of literature. Unfortunately, very little applies to restroom planning and construction so we ‘re trying to fill the…

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There’s plenty of toilet paper in the US – so why are people hoarding it?

By Phlush | March 20, 2020

Almost 150 U.S. companies make toilet paper. Studio Dagdagaz/Shutterstock.com Jay L. Zagorsky, Boston University The other day I went into Costco to buy some toilet paper. It came as a small shock when I couldn’t find a single roll. The new coronavirus is inspiring panic buying of a variety of household products such as toilet paper in cities across…

Second Graders Tackle Sanitation Justice in Brooklyn, New York

By Phlush | July 6, 2019

This guest post from Amber Hickey, doctorate in Visual Studies and service-learning project faculty member for Service Learning Project, highlights the need to involve youth in sanitation advocacy. This past spring, 2nd graders at PS 298 in Brownsville, Brooklyn advocated for sanitation justice in their community. Participating in the youth-led Residency Program of the Service…

Let’s Legalize Composting & UD toilets in US

By Phlush | August 3, 2014

Our friends at Recode have drafted model code for composting toilets with urine diversion (UD) and IAMPO is preparing to vote on it. This Portland-based group of scientists and policy advocates have made spectacular progress. Now Recode is calling on us to help make history. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to enable Recode’s Director to travel to California to address IAMPO officials. Details are in…

GottaGo! campaigning for public toilets in Ottawa

By Phlush | May 15, 2014

This guest blog post is from Joan Kuyek of GottaGo!. The GottaGo! campaign in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, is advocating for a network of open clean, accessible public toilets and water fountains in key places in the region. Currently, the only public toilets in Ottawa are in recreation centres, libraries and large parks. When the programming…

Do you Poop Sustainably? Alternative Toilets Save Water & ReCycle Waste

By Phlush | March 4, 2014

This guest blog post is from Atara Jaffe. Sustainability. From mainstream media to blogs, sustainability is not just a buzzword, but is frequently used as a term to embody practices related to survival. Everyone from homeowners to architects are incorporating “sustainability” tactics to slowly transform the way people think and live. While solar panels have popped…

BioLoos helping meet needs of 600 million toilet-less Indians

By Phlush | December 24, 2013

This guest blog post is from Sanjay Banka. At PHLUSH, we’ve been tracking some of the cool new technologies in India. After noticing the social enterprise awards won by Banka BioLoo, we suggested they write for our readers. Mixing business with socio-environmental good is the way of life at India’s Banka BioLoo, a firm  pioneering bio-toilets.…