Toilet availability is a human
right and well-designed
sanitation systems restore
health to our cities, our
waters and our soils.

Through education and advocacy, PHLUSH helps local governments and citizen groups to provide equitable public restroom availability and to prepare for sanitation disasters with appropriate ecological toilet systems.

Human Dignity

Our ability to respond to a universal biological need is a basic human right. Our houseless neighbors, those of us who have medical conditions, and those who are older, younger, pregnant, menstruating, or non-binary are especially in need of safe and adequate facilities to meet their sanitary needs.

Health & Fitness

Public toilets enable us to be physically active and enjoy new experiences when we’re away from home. Our mental well-being is enhanced when we’re out with families and friends and know there's a place "to go." Adequate facilities promote more time spent enjoying our public spaces.

Livable Communitites

Our sewers run the risk of damage due to earthquakes, flooding, cyber-hacking, and other threats. Most emergency preparedness resources/kits don't plan for an alternative way of using the toilet when needed. Having this plan in place isn't just smart - it could save a life.

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