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Jefferson County, Washington Restroom Finder Lists tax-supported Public Toilets that are open to all comers, including those who pay camping and moorage fees. Also lists Publicly Available Toilets, which are the broadly available private restrooms in supermarkets, gas stations, fast food chains, resorts and other locations. 

Portland Loo Locations  Sixty Portland Loos from Hoboken, New Jersey to Victoria British Columbia and Ketchikan, Alaska are listed and mapped.

Portland State University All Gender Restroom List.  Nearly 70 gender non-binary restrooms identified as safe and comfortable by the PSU Queer Resource Center. Find general location, campus building, room number, whether single or multi-stall occupancy, elevator-accessible and equipped with grip bars or a changing table. 

Australia’s National Public Toilet Map Toilet Map provides information on over 19,000 publicly available toilets across Australia, including accessibility, opening hours and facilities, such as showers & baby change.   As part of the National Continence Program, the website lets you find toilets by location using an address, a postcode or your current location or plan a trip with toilet mapped along the way. Users may register and create personal toilet maps.

Lockdown Loo  This finder shows 1,100 locations crowdsourced  across the United Kingdome from Scotland to Cornwall in pubs, shops and service.  stations SHARE and HELP us keeping logging open bogs!   

Toronto Toilets A compilation of all the public and publicly available washrooms available in the city of Toronto. Includes washrooms in libraries, community centers, ice rinks, and stand-alone washrooms. Includes hours. Separate Google maps and excel spreadsheets for washrooms open in the summer and in winter.


Sit or Squat  The free Sit or Squat app has over 100,000 listings and is free. Clean locations have a green “Sit” rating. Less desirable ones have a red “Squat." Choose list or map view for any area. Filter locations for special features like ‘handicap accessible’, or ‘baby changing table’.  Users can rate restrooms and share ideas.  Sit Or Squat was developed by Jonathan Glanz and Danika Landers who later sold it to Charmin.  Download the Apple app or the Google Play app

Bathroom Scout  Bathroom Scout lists over two million bathrooms and restrooms worldwide. included are public toilets as well as restrooms in restaurants and other facilities.  If imagery is available for street view, Bathroom Scout can also show you the location around the bathroom, providing added peace of mind. Download free(?) from Google Play where it gets fairly sound marks or for $0.99 from the Apple App store, where user ratings are only 1 out of 5.

FLUSH   Flush is simple, fast, has an animated interface with animations and works offline. The database of about 200,000  public toilets is stored on your phone for fast and offline access! You can search for a location or tap on the map for directions from Google Maps. Or just request directions to the closest toilet. Includes information on whether there is a fee, if you require a key and often info about disabled access. Download free from Apple, where it gets a 4.6 rating, or on Google Play.

Toilet Finder  App for iPhone and iPad helps find every toilet nearby in an instant! Developed in Europe, Toilet Finder has listings or more than 150,000 toilets.  Find toilets that are specifically free to use, those accessible to handicapped persons, and those given 5 stars by app users.  Free from the Apple App Store.

Where is Public Toilet  More than 280,000 public toilets worldwide are are available for on this app. Use "Download Database" feature to choose global, continental, or Australia database. Map Mode shows the nearest toilet and gives directions. List Mode provides detailed information about all surrounding restrooms: address, opening hours, accessibility, parking and other features. The app allows filtering by toilet types, accessibility types (male, female, unisex, key operated disabled) and features such as parking, babychange, adultchange, shower, water, sharps disposal, and menstrual supplies.  Includes data from the National Public Toilet Map of the Australian Government Department of Social Services and other data providers. Multiple languages are supported. Google Play Service is required for this app.

Refuge Restrooms  Refuge Restrooms is an online database that helps transgender, intersex, and gender nonconforming individuals find safe restrooms. Users can search for restrooms by proximity to a search location, add new restroom listings, and comment and rate existing listings. The goal of the trans led development team is to provide a place of refuge at the time of need.

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